21st Gulf Engineering Forum

21st Gulf Engineering Forum
Ritz Carlton Bahrain
February 21 - 22 , 2018
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
21st Gulf Engineering Forum
Various engineering and construction disputes during the different execution stages have emerged due to the developments witnessed by the GCC economies and the accompanying urban renaissance. This included building cities and service facilities such as hospitals, schools, construction of infrastructures like bridges and drainage, building airports and sea harbours, in addition to the establishment of major oil and petrochemicals projects. The disputes are not limited to the projects undertaken by individuals and private sector, but extended to cover the development projects that are undertaken by the government, resulting in major financial and moral damages to the contacting parties, including owners of project, contractors and consultants. Many engineering and constructional disputes have arisen and continued with different levels of efforts exerted by the G.C.C countries to develop legislations and laws and develop the institutions that are concerned with the resolution of such engineering disputes. This is in addition to the variance in the efforts in adopting legislations brought by models of international contracts organizing the management of engineering projects and solving the disputes arising there-from, and to adopt the same within the national legislations and contracting contracts. Furthermore, there has been a variance in the efforts related to the development of human resources that are specialized in the preparation and implementation of certified training programs and the professional certificates that are recognized nationally, regionally and internationally. Among all these developments, the 21st Gulf Engineering Forum comes under the theme “Disputes in Engineering Projects and Resolution Methods” to open the door for dialogue through its following four topics: 1. NATURE OF ENGINEERING CONTRACTS AND TYPES 2. METHODS OF DISPUTE RESOLUTION 3. INSURANCE IN CONTRACTS 4. NATURE OF DISPUTES

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